Alessandro Scarabello

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Alessandro Scarabello (Rome, 1979) is an Italian artist based in Bruxelles. He holds an MFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) of Ghent and a BFA from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome.

In the artist’s words, “Painting allows me to step out from the incessant flood of human activity and watch it flow in front of me. I consider it a privilege to paint an image in a saturated landscape of digital images. I believe this is a radical position that allows me to focus on my very nature and autonomy as an individual, to interpret personal and non-personal life events through the infinite possibilities of this medium”.His most recent practice focuses on gestures and reduction, combining elements that are drawn from classicism, myths, theater, masks, ancient statuary and the inheritance that comes from his city of origin: Rome. He aims to reduce these images to an essential structure and to a simplified atmosphere where they lie in a very raw state driven by invisible forces – a place where the levels of sensations are ready to be rearranged autonomously by the viewer in a continuum of the work.

Alessandro Scarabello has exhibited widely, including at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels, the PAC and Palazzo Reale in Milan, Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto and Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. Scarabello has been invited to several biennial events including the Bienal del fine del mundo in South America, the Biennial for Mediterranean Countries in Alexandria, Egypt, the Biennial of Tunis and the Biennial of young artists in Monza. He is co-founder and co-director of MODO asbl, a cultural association in the heart of Brussels, Scarabello works with fellow-artists Serena Fineschi and Laura Viale to stimulate, enrich and renew the dialogue on the centrality and importance of the single work of art in a crowded landscape of digital imagery.


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