The Gallery Apart opened its first small exhibition space in Rome at Via della Barchetta 11 in February 2008. In December 2009, it moved to Via di Monserrato 40 and then, in March 2013, to the present wider space of Via Francesco Negri 43.

The main objective of the gallery is to support young artists in their research. A fundamental part of the gallery’s project and mission is to assist the artists in the realization of their projects guaranteeing a free outlet for their creativity from which the full range of their talent may emerge. This liberty also allows for spontaneity in their inclination towards adopting universal perspectives, therefore allowing them to converse on equal footing with the rest of the international artistic community.

The artists were carefully selected according to their ability to define research goals and to achieve artistic growth through the completion of fresh, original projects that are coherent with the individual artist’s creative path. The selection was also based on the artists’ personalities, which are expressed through their approach in joining conceptuality with a distinct aesthetic sense. As a result, this combination provides a large part of the stylistic character of the gallery.

The Gallery Apart is a direct descendent of a cultural project, which carried the gallery’s name and greatly benefited the gallery in terms of experience. Starting in October 2004, the project allowed for the production of a series of exhibitions which took place in spaces in Rome which were hand-selected to best meet the needs of the single projects. There is ample information available on this programming under the “outside” menu of the gallery’s website.

Art Fairs

Arte Fiera 2022 > Corinna Gosmaro, Florian Neufeldt, Marco Strappato

Artissima 2021 > Gea Casolaro, Chto Delat

Art Verona 2021 > Federica Di Pietrantonio

Artissima Unplugged > Corinna Gosmaro

Artissima 2020 > Federica Di Pietrantonio, Corinna Gosmaro, Florian Neufeldt, Alessandro Scarabello, Marco Strappato, Sinae Yoo

Arte Fiera 2020 > Corinna Gosmaro, Alessandro Scarabello

OVNi Galeries 2019 Salon Camera Nice (F) > Babi Badalov, Bertille Bak, Gea Casolaro

Artissima 2019 > Babi Badalov, Bertille Bak, Chto Delat, Oliver Ressler

TAF – Tbilisi Art Fair 2019 > Chto Delat

Artissima 2018 > Bertille Bak, Corinna Gosmaro, Alessandro Scarabello

Art Verona 2018 > Bertille Bak, Gea Casolaro, Luana Perilli

SWAB Barcelona 2108 > Corinna Gosmaro, Rowena Harris, Marco Strappato, Sinae Yoo

Artissima 2017 > Bertille Bak (Present Future)

Artistissima 2016 > Bertille Bak, Luana Perilli, Oliver Ressler

MIArt 2016 > Domink Lang, Oliver Ressler, Alessandro Scarabello

Art Rotterdam 2016 > Domink Lang, Marco Strappato

Artissima 2015 > Rowena Harris, Florian Neufeldt, Marco Strappato

MIArt 2015 > Luana Perilli

Arte Fiera 2015 (Focus East) > Chto Delat, Dominik Lang

Artissima 2014 > Dominik Lang, Alice Schivardi, Marco Strappato

MIArt 2014 > Astrid Nippoldt, Luana Perilli, Chto Delat? ,Ana Pečar + Oliver Ressler

Art14 London > Mariana Ferratto, Marco Strappato

Artissima 2013 > Gea Casolaro, Dominik Lang, Florian Neufeldt

MIArt 2013 > Dominik Lang, Florian Neufeldt, Luana Perilli, Alice Schivardi, Marco Strappato

ArteFiera 2013 > Diego Iaia, Astrid Nippoldt, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello, Alice Schivardi, Marco Strappato

MIA 2012 > Gea Casolaro

ArteFiera 2012 > Mariana Ferratto, Diego Iaia, Florian Neufeldt, Astrid Nippoldt, Alessandro Scarabello, Alice Schivardi, Marco Strappato

Roma contemporary > Andrea Aquilanti, Mariana Ferratto, Alice Schivardi, Marco Strappato

MiArt 2011 > Gea Casolaro, Florian Neufeldt

Roma. The Road to Contemporary Art > Diego Iaia, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Luana Perilli

ArteFiera Art First 2011 > Andrea Aquilanti, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello

MiArt 2010 > Mariana Ferratto, Diego Iaia, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello

Roma. The Road to Contemporary Art > Myriam Laplante, Astrid Nippoldt

ArteFiera Art First 2010 > Andrea Aquilanti, Gea Casolaro, Mariana Ferratto, Astrid Nippoldt, Luana Perilli

ArtVerona 2009 > Gea Casolaro, Mariana Ferratto, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Astrid Nippoldt, Fabrizio Passarella

MiArt 2009 > Andrea Aquilanti, Gea Casolaro, Mariana Ferratto, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Myriam Laplante, Astrdi Nippoldt, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello, Luca Viccaro

Art-O-Rama 2015 > Gea Casolaro, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello, Luca Viccaro