Federica Di Pietrantonio

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Federica Di Pietrantonio federicadipiet was born in 1996 in Rome, where she currently lives and works. She studied Painting at RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts graduating in 2019, and carried out her thesis research ‘spending free time’ at KASK (Ghent, Belgium), where she developed the Vacation Spot project. In 2017 he was selected for Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale and the following became part of Spazio In Situ, where she works as an artist and web designer. She has exhibited in several spaces including Las Palmas (Lisbon), Una Vetrina (Rome) and The Gallery Apart (Rome). From 2018 the collaboration with Andrea Frosolini gives life to ISIT.magazine projects (independent online/offline publishing project) ,Webby Agency (Web Agency focused on the design and implementation of web services for artists and art professionals) and the artistic couple AFFDP. Her research focuses on relationships, relationships and processes that develop from simulated or virtual realities and social platforms.


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