Meital Katz-Minerbo

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Meital Katz-Minerbo (Tel Aviv, 1974) is an Israeli born artist who grew up in Venezuela. Her art engages with the representation of what it is to be an outsider, losing sense of belonging – geographically and spiritually. Being and growing up as a woman and an immigrant through the 21st century created in the artist a deep need to invent a visual narrative that can represent my experience in a critical and creative way. Her practice relates to the idea of mobility and concepts of territory and body. Katz-Minerbo is interested in dealing with the narrative of being Different, developing a visual language that combines elements from pop culture and fashion with botany and nature; appreciating plants as living creatures that are always around us: growing, loving, reproducing, moving and even communicating in ways and at frequencies that “humans” aren’t able to perceive. For that she created the Cactus Man: a hybrid; the merging of a cactus and a man into an androgenic creature covered with thorns. Cactus Man is also the brand that stands behind the line of wearable art articles she had developed during the last years, with the belief in fashion as the voice for new identities. Through an interdisciplinary range of practices that includes painting, drawing, printing, collage, sculpture, video and fashion design, Katz-Minerbo creates paradigmatic and encoded artistic events (installations) filled with a very rich and recognizable imagery together with a sense of secrecy or a hidden statement and giving special attention to the intervals and spaces between the pieces when exhibited.

Meital Katz-Minerbo has exhibited in many institutional spaces, including at Biennial of Contemporary Art Curitiba, Museum of Contemporary Art Haifa, Macro – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Rome.


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