Diego Iaia, Luana Perilli, Marco Strappato

DROME project space Brussels

20.04.2012 – 22.04.2012


On occasion of the 30th edition of Art Brussels, DROME magazine, like every year, will feature the art fair among other exhibitors, but this year it will also be inaugurating its own project space in Brussels – in a candid loft in the centre, that is already the Belgian editorial office of the magazine -, featuring “Not Afraid of Beauty”, a site-specific exhibition curated by The Gallery Apart, Rome.

The international flair that characterizes DROME magazine meets the wish of The Gallery Apart to spread the art of some up-and-coming Italian artists. The result is Not Afraid of Beauty, a group exhibition curated with the aim of presenting the work by Diego IaiaLuana Perilli and Marco Strappato, as well as to bring up the work carried out so far by the invited gallery, aimed at selecting, supporting and promoting artists who know how to combine deep conceptuality and a strong aesthetic sense.

Founded in Rome in June 2004, directed by Rosanna Gangemi and Stefan PollakDROME is a bilingual quarterly magazine (Italian/English) distributed in over twenty-five countries worldwide, with operational seats in Rome, Brussels and Paris, which stands out amongst other publications on the newsstand for its natural inclination to architect and manage always the most diverse cultural events. Enhancing the attractiveness of the already rich scenario of spaces dedicated to contemporary art in the Belgian city, the magazine will be hosting in its brand new project space an exhibition that evokes its Italian origin. Through such key we should interpret and understand the invitation made to The Gallery Apart, a gallery strongly committed to support those artists who, with their propensity to adopt universal languages, aspire to a dialogue as equals with the rest of the global arts community.

It’s the case of the three selected artists, accustomed to work for big projects always supported by a strong conceptual apparatus acting as linking element compared to a natural tendency to the heterogeneity of the used means. The reflection on the role of the artist in the society and on consideration of art as a simulacrum, without the possibility of repeating the real, characterize the research of Diego Iaia.

The domestic setting, which call for a social dimension to recover through the collectivization of the individual sphere, usually accompanies the work of Luana Perilli even when the subject of her research is the world of ants, a symbol of perfect social organization.

The version of the image from every possible point of view (social, political, family, art history or formal construction) is finally the field of investigation of Marco Strappato.

All these three artists share the trend to present their message even with great attention to a formal purity that, beyond the deepest sense of the works, produces aesthetic appeal not surprising and even recalls the common Italian origins. In this meeting of languages ​​and attitudes lives the sense of Not Afraid of Beauty project.

The Gallery Apart
 operates in Rome since February 2008 as a commercial gallery, heir of a previous cultural project based on nomadism and realization of artistic projects in a different places within the city. In fact, the commitment and the activities of the gallery coincided with that phase of the Renaissance in Rome which is nowadays one of the more vital centers of contemporary art production.

The programming of the gallery focuses on a group of artists of different generations, but with special attention to young artists, their language ​​and their research. In addition to less young artists (Andrea Aquilanti, Gea Casolaro, Myriam Laplante and Fabrizio Passarella), the gallery offers a select group of younger artists (Ferratto Mariana, Diego Iaia, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Florian Neufeldt, Astrid Nippoldt, Luana Perilli, Alessandro Scarabello and Alice Schivardi).

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