Rowena Harris

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Rowena Harris (Norfolk, 1985) is a British artist and art researcher based in London. She is currently a CHASE funded practice-based PhD candidate at Goldsmith’s College. Her practice is situated in the porousness between bodymind, matter, and technology. She consider this a fluid space of forces that flow beyond any glossy device we might hold in our hands – a relation no longer limited to what is visible and physical. Working between, sculpture, film and writing, it is often the physical material reality of matter that offers Harris the space to test and explore how we come to sense and make sense of being porous with the world. Within this, and through her research-based approach, she explores moments of impact and difficulty for individual sensing, perceiving, and thinking bodies in the world.

Rowena Harris has exhibited in many institutional spaces, including at Fondazione Memmo, ICA London, Saarländische Galerie Berlin, The Bluecoat Liverpool, The British School at Rome.


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